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@RicoDaG0d lol nigga let it live for a sec

Twitter: @JMontanaa_

RT @Hilarious_Idiot: ready ice in 3 sec

Twitter: @nurian_kr

RT @ShingetsuNews: LDP Sec-Gen (and former Finance Minister) Sadakazu Tanigaki praises Bank of Japan's further easing on monetary policy.

Twitter: @reinman_mt

RT @AuburnTigers: Thank you to all the #Auburn students who packed the Arena for the Pearl Jam last night! #WarEagle

Twitter: @_SEC_Country

RT @davidsirota: MORE: SEC docs from IL GOP gov nominee's firm say "friends of the firm" may profit off public pension systems…

Twitter: @DrMell_Coach

RT @stevelord: Microsoft Exploit Mitigation kit bypass, affects all versions of EMET:

Twitter: @eightseventysix

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