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RT @kumarnandaj: Am xian first, "Go and Spell" ie Gospel says Chief Sec of Kerala. How beautiful secularism ?

Twitter: @AnandRai001

RT @taylornation13: We've started ✔️ items off our Australia bucket list! What else must we 👀!?! (TN sec 102) #1989TourSydney…

Twitter: @llabanowitz1

@CharlotteKgware u wn't rgrt ...I'm wtchn It for da sec time

Twitter: @PulinkiPuleng

RT @KatySade: Breakfast in Richmond with my mum on a Sat morn. I forgot about the things I appreciate in life for a hot sec

Twitter: @BayAreaStartup

CariCOOS Buoy @ Vieques 7 AM: Wave height 4.6 ft from N(010 deg) @ 12.9 sec. Wind 2 kts from SSE. Surface current 0.33 kts towards NNE

Twitter: @caricoos

mum: do u have a torch me: yeah on my rape alarm, one sec

Twitter: @longwortholiver