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#AntonSolamente Landrieu faces legal challenge to Louisiana residency: #Lafalacia_

Twitter: @Nota_Loca20

RT @RichardOHornos: "Democratic Senate candidates think #ExecutiveAction could hurt them politically but I'm not sure..." @MorningEdition h…

Twitter: @pepa_woodpile

RT @MoveOn: The #Koch's plan to buy the Senate are revealed in secret meeting, and someone got it on tape: http://t.…

Twitter: @Denny_oh

RT @bjs5555: TEA/GOP only need to p/u SIX seats to TAKE our Senate Majority, but are we going to LET THEM? NO! HOW?

Twitter: @NevrSayBeantown

RT @ross917: RT @MoveOn #Koch's plan to buy Senate are revealed in secret meeting, & someone got it on tape http://t…

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RT @Tourville: @MyVWSucks Senate Corporatism : New @USDA rule allows hidden feces, pus, bacteria & bleach in food poultry…

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