Topic: Sesame Seeds
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Sesame Seeds on twitter
@Mandaray fresh, roasted in oven at 375, with sesame seeds and sea salt and olive oil, then drizzled with toasted sesame oil. Trust me.

Twitter: @MaevesChild

It ain't real cookie if it don't smell like sesame seeds

Twitter: @RodeGang__

I'll be all over the bread like sesame seeds..and I'll be all over this beat like a dog with..fleas!

Twitter: @Lwando_N

Lunch today was meal prepped seeded salmon (pumpkin, sesame, linseeds and sunflower seeds) with…

Twitter: @PearlyOH

Pregame: Curried Cauliflower Sweet Potato, Cannellini, Pumpkin Seeds & Greens w/Orange & Toasted Sesame Vinaigrette

Twitter: @goodneighborqns

The Sundae of the Month features fried ice cream, citrus honey and sesame seeds! #saveroomfordessert

Twitter: @TheBancroft