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A Big Mac grows to gigantic proportions due to nuclear waste and takes over the world. New currency=sesame seeds. @midnight #LameApocalypses

Twitter: @ajhensch85

Smoked Cabbage & Sweet Pea Purée, Crispy Kale with Sesame Seeds. (The lighting hardly does justice to…

Twitter: @NYCsquid

@R_Dart People put sesame oil/seeds on stuff that makes it "oriental" today

Twitter: @demonatemu

Now I know where sesame seeds came from

Twitter: @heyheyelly

White-soy Shiromi (white fish in this case snapper) with sesame seeds, chives, yuzu and white soy at Sake...

Twitter: @essentialsmag

My favorite snack! Good ol fashioned cottage cheese with cayenne , toasted sesame seeds and Spike…

Twitter: @DeniceDuff

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