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What is this "NoSukirtiNoBiggBoss" business? The show's been running fine w/o her. She was irrelevant and no one but her fans remember her.

Twitter: @busterbaxters

In your room, you: A. Show her the door B. Give her body the business C. Go to sleep @joshbruno98 @TheCrusader13

Twitter: @Randyis_716

RT @meagannnlifts: And I have a suspicion this isn't just in show business. God I love you Tina Fey.

Twitter: @hoesoverembryos

If you would like your business featured on my AM Radio show, please call and be a sponsor! 903.445.8281

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Mind Your Own Business The Radio Show proudly serving the business community 6 days per week.

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@WrykynBatsman Having wished her a good time, it is now your business to show her one. I wish you every success in the endeavor.

Twitter: @ThePIsPsilent