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@BunoHaansh Releasing in Singapore on 22nd August! @idevadhikari @aniruddhatony @Shibasishsarkar @RelianceEnt @jkray28

Twitter: @i_sanhita

RT @SGAG_SG: Hor hor Cotton On!! Singapore birthday you also can write wrongly!!

Twitter: @glitteredbones

Everywhere I go they're all like "Korean? Korean?" Do I look that obvious? Lol #singapore

Twitter: @jerrylips

"YES" to Public Service! 👍 "NO" to Discrimination! 👎 #NoToSofitelDay39 👎 #BoycottSofitelPHDay39 ❌ From: Singapore_ mar0501

Twitter: @mcrperegrino

apink_sg: [!!] Hayoung (@Apinkohy) has just been spotted wearing one of Apink Singapore's birthday gifts to her! ^_^"

Twitter: @EYE_Hayoung96

MALAY / ALL DAY 👍 @ Chinatown, Singapore

Twitter: @noahfecksphoto