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Twitter: @JustinBrannan

Trey in the kitchen making my sick ass some soup. Thanks bae. ❤️

Twitter: @V_SaidSO

@Dr_CJ_McClain Don't worry about me, babe. *walks into kitchen* @TechNinja3 ...THAT IS NOT WHERE SOUP GOES, GET AWAY FROM THAT.

Twitter: @LanceRedLion

@DodgersDudette Is this at the soup kitchen?

Twitter: @packersdodgers

"When I was working at the soup kitchen, I took the money <from corporations>. I felt bad about it, but I always cashed the check."

Twitter: @lamebrakes

Chicken cream soup. Happy sunday dan selamat leyeh-leyeh everyone!☔️🍵😋 (at Uci's Kitchen) [pic] —

Twitter: @ucihapsari