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RT @edsel_l: Hearing about Masbia Soup Kitchen from Alexander Rapaport. #RootsConect2014

Twitter: @AlexRapaport

Happy birthday bro @akaz77 I heard they give you extra broth down at the soup kitchen for birthdays

Twitter: @Austinb24

A person doesn't come to a soup kitchen concerned about the Crate and Barrel brand of pots and ladles you have! They want fed and nurtured.

Twitter: @Cr8DigitalAsset

RT @PeterAzzo: “@jaybeezymane: friendly reminder that we're a week and a half away from November. yea, I'm shocked too” time for soup kitch…

Twitter: @jaybeezymane

Making #Belize style #seafood #soup for the guys tonight. From John's #kitchen #food #homecooking…

Twitter: @JANMUP2

Lool UCL going on and I was just chilling in the kitchen cooking ogbona soup.

Twitter: @Sirvineyard

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