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Like why would I make fun of someone when I Actually volunteer at a homeless shelter and a soup kitchen. I honestly don't get it at all

Twitter: @Treeaassuurree_

A shameful waste of food. Over 26 pizzas wasted for TV. Make them work in a soup kitchen for a day. #HellsKitchen #WorldHunger #Shame

Twitter: @youkai_bitch

I'm eating soup alone in my kitchen while my parents are at Bruce Springsteen :'(

Twitter: @hannahguly3s

@BrandonTheMixer mega super overly big soup kitchen crocodile feet and poppy man babies.

Twitter: @cloudyhls

Today has been so busy... But the best part was working at the soup kitchen.

Twitter: @LiaLahren

RT @thomas_byrne5: You honestly don't know how much you really have until you go serve at a soup kitchen in Brooklyn #Thankful

Twitter: @JRanta_13

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