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If your car is so low to the ground that you can't go over a speed bump properly, you're a moron.

Twitter: @notbradywalter

Joy rider on a bike, showing off pulling wheelies, goes over a speed bump, knocks his exhaust off. Never laughed so much in my life #karma

Twitter: @vickyradcliffe

Stuck in speed bump city where the only thing that's pretty is the thought of getting out

Twitter: @J_Belcher96

@Kialna When she drove right over that bump at full speed. I thought we were done for.

Twitter: @RealCumberbum

@AndyLeeBoxing @FrankHoganMBenz Its a crock,the s'pension is fucked on it,look at tha shape ov it! The exhaust will go on the 1st speed bump

Twitter: @Falsie5

Check out Speed Bump on @GoComics! #speedbump #GoComics

Twitter: @jasonespray

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