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Spending Cuts on twitter
VA doesnt have a money problem. It has a management problem #tcot #teaparty #pjnet #p2

Twitter: @petefrt

If the economy now is in better shape than before the crash. Why the cuts in public spending?

Twitter: @alunkaren7

RT @HanfordNews: Senate's Hanford F2015 spending plan would restore cuts proposed for Richland Operations Office projects.…

Twitter: @GHolterPNNL

Spending cuts imposed by the coalition - how will they affect us in Ealing?

Twitter: @EalingGreens

RT @GreggForGov: Agree with what the @heraldbulletin says this about the so-called surplus: "It’s being built on the back of spending cuts …

Twitter: @ForJodi

RT @petefrt: VA budget to rise 58 pct since 2009 to $152.7 billion, more than double the $70.9 billion spent in 2005…

Twitter: @NJMike319

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