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Spending Plan on twitter
@JennMurray4 the plan is to get rid of them so I stop spending $!

Twitter: @lindsayruby

RT @juliaioffe: Vladimir Putin has shelved a plan to boost government spending to revive the stalling economy.

Twitter: @bazzathebest

Kim Kardashian Spending One Month in Paris – Abandons North West To Plan Wedding - ... #HollywoodLife #KimKardashian

Twitter: @RedneckReality

After spending 14 hours helping my parents move yesterday, it's clear that my plan not to do any work this vacation has gone horribly awry.

Twitter: @chipadeedoodah

When my my last final is done tomorrow morning I plan on spending the next few months of my life tanning by the pool

Twitter: @lysscurtis

Prom Budgeting Apps - The ‘Plan'it Prom’ App Helps You Keep Track of Your Prom Spending (TrendHun...

Twitter: @the_pixelist