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We getting older not younger. Whats your retirement plan? Oh yall ain't got one. Yall to busy spending $$ in the mall to be someone u not.

Twitter: @Hammavelli

You need to create a spending and savings plan to achieve your financial goals. #ChaseYourDreams ^SD

Twitter: @chasebankkenya

@AmieRedgatexo I plan on spending all day in the shops lol

Twitter: @libbycotton73

BO is following the plan of Cloward & Piven.The plan to socialize the US by overwhelming the system w gov. spending & entitlement demands

Twitter: @M_E_Adams

@maddiemad22 People tell me that school is preparing me for life but I'm like 'Uhh ... I don't plan on spending my life in prison.'

Twitter: @JimWestfield

RT @HassanNisar: No economy plan, revival, & initiatives. Yet we need Metros. We not making money but borrowing&spending inefficiently http…

Twitter: @raskaans