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"A bike cosplaying as a sports car! Genius! "

Twitter: @fanlaxy90

RT @FRONZ1LLA: Driving a sports car in traffic is like having a boner in a retirement home

Twitter: @EmilyMichellecx

RT @lamborghini: What music would you listen to in a super sports car? #VenenoMonster #CES2014 cc @MonsterProducts

Twitter: @LeoLecoeur

This Guy Dumps Weird Goo All Over His Car...Then I Realized Why, And I'm 100% Jealous!

Twitter: @CourtneyM86


Twitter: @MontanaWayMusic

Middle-aged guys named Cris have it doubly rough. One day they wake up in the middle of their life & wonder who Cris is. Then buy sports car

Twitter: @MaxFitz