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@JakeJewell21 okay you can have my starting spot in CF for the angels

Twitter: @Hunter_Houck

@groditi yea equity seems to be spot on, thinking it may be an excel issue so starting from an earlier version of model tom to see where

Twitter: @The_Analyst

@Yung_Messiah giannis nice but starting sf in fantasy he's not be real dumbass. That's jabbari spot

Twitter: @I_BlowShitUp

@Vikings9 oh yeah. He's gonna land a starting spot somewhere soon I bet

Twitter: @A_Sanders_13

Fr fr I don't like the Redskins but Colt McCoy has been my nigga since Texas. He deserves that starting spot.

Twitter: @KingDonte_

I find it interesting Australia can't find a spot in starting pack for any forward who played deep into the finals.

Twitter: @toddbalym