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Joe Hart beaten twice on the near post. No wonder he's battling to keep his starting spot

Twitter: @Mezmerise1

I say let hibbert and mahinmi do an arm wrestling match for the starting spot

Twitter: @thatpacersguy1

@_bsims6 hope u earn that starting spot boss!

Twitter: @CYance30aught6

Spot of rumpy pumpy going on in this house of fools. This place is starting to do my loaf in.

Twitter: @TheDaddyAss

@WileECyODY many people say vick will win the starting spot..

Twitter: @Tmorgan29

RT @CoachDanDuPaix: If you think another has the starting spot you can: A. Complain & quit. B. Fall in line and learn why. Or C. FIGHT & EA…

Twitter: @TheAlden51