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Neither those #charged as #juveniles or #misdemeanors in #state/ #local #cases have right to #jury #trial, though the #constitution says so.

Twitter: @HumanistPundit

What if you could create a State and write its Constitution within a few minutes? #GlobalDemocracy #Decide

Twitter: @E_movementNGO

RT @aboveawhisper1: "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." - Cornelius Tacitus (55 - 117 A.D.)

Twitter: @mindterrorist

@firstpostin @iRitesh_k Does the constitution of India allows PM to contest as a CM of any state...just asking..

Twitter: @rokade_rahul

New Constitution Gives Financial Autonomy to State Houses of Assembly • #TheGist #Trending

Twitter: @InstaGist

@omar_quraishi No. Jinnah said `Religion nothing to do with State'. Constitution needs Amendments to make it Secular. Lets not repeat Zia.

Twitter: @HiggsBosan

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