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@1RonnieD The Constitution declares jolly 1 thing "necessary to the security of a free State"#2A— its not the POTUS


@GovPenceIN @ThisWeekABC Separation of Church and State was put in the US Constitution to protect society from people like you. #Bigot

Twitter: @IsaacCasados

@redsteeze @Jami_USA it's called attacking state sovereignty! It's an affront to the constitution, and the fabric of our founding! A COUP

Twitter: @pscully1812

Audits find problems in Forest Hill, Rosepine:

Twitter: @Alafairmartinez

RT @MarthaPlimpton: Separation of church and state? What's that? Founders, you say? Constitution? Whatever. #Indiana

Twitter: @old_man_george

RT @Zanukah: Abbott ministers testing for changes to Senate Elections What does the Constitution State ?

Twitter: @narelleford

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