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1/2 #PakArmy has a duty to defend the constitution of Pakistan. When 2 clowns indulge in sedition against the state #PakArmy either failed

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In reading for Law and Ethics I've decided state delegates need to reassemble in Philadelphia and draft a Constitution 2.0 #government #doit

Twitter: @L_Ras15

@FrPaulStone @DaftLimmy A constitution is a set of fundamental principles/established precedents according to which a state/org is governed.

Twitter: @CaldimusPrime

@madsdickelsen Is it? A lot of people don't agree with it because our constitution dexlares a separation of church and state but yeah...

Twitter: @red_apartment

..those wish to derive milage of such unfortunate incident forget that LAW & ORDER is purely a State Subject. The Constitution CLOTHES ..1.5

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@DesertLover46 Correct. The Constitution is crystal clear on the matter with respect to every state's disability, "No State shall… —cont'd