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State Constitution on twitter
`bbcnews IN MY PERFECT BRITAIN A written constitution will state how a referendum is called by THE PEOPLE not career politicians or Pm`s.

Twitter: @maggoo0

The constitution says nothing about separation of church and state. Idk why everyone thinks it's a rule or sumthin

Twitter: @Austin_Mags

This summer...Back to the Future 4 staring The Indiana State Legislature. Up next... Raiders of the Constitution and Land of the Lost II

Twitter: @CraigGeraghty

V interesting: @RobynLeeKriel has got hold of a secret constitution from a #Shabaab faction

Twitter: @jackserle

.@GAChamber also killed resolution in 2014 to allow voters2decide on amending state constitution to make English official language. #GASen

Twitter: @DAKDIS

Headed to lunch, but let me ask you somethin: is the phrase "separation of church and State in The BoR or Constitution? @jpclyons

Twitter: @CounslrObvious

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