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@annharmon @jeanniemcbride Our COnstitution meant us to have individual States in control of people living in that state. Crucibles .

Twitter: @hollyammon

RT @AP: MORE: Arkansas court rules that state law requiring voters to show photo ID violates state constitution:

Twitter: @_shkurfrancis

@Victoriaokane @Dosta1 @TodGerst What’s more horrific is that the Federal/State Judges R anti-Constitution of the USA! What’s wrong w/ppl!

Twitter: @The_Lady_Colors

The system of fixed rules by which a community or state is to be governed is the constitution- Africonism

Twitter: @Ayigbe_boi

YES! Thank you @TheKingDude! No one should abide by laws which were passed w/o authority granted by the Constitution. State or Federal.

Twitter: @ElishaNEWS

According to constitution a governor is like a president of state and UP gov Ram Naik commenting like this is not valid. This shows biased.

Twitter: @Neta2lead