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E.U. Focuses on Belgium in Tax Avoidance Inquiry

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High-school swimming: Upper Arlington girls win 10th state title #summerolympics

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RT @PhilipdClarke: @iloanya1 @PoliticsPeach @JAPITTER @ItsAlinaJo @SenFeinstein #US aid now > $121billion 2 state per capita richer!!!! htt…

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@TheAnonMessages @RT_com US should spend the money for humanitarian aid for the Palestinians not to support the Zionist terror state.

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@RT_America the welfare Zionist state criteria for their survival is more $$ US Tax Payer Funds we should cut all AID they don't deserve it!

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RT @EdLawCenter: Trenton students facing resource cuts from flat state aid, growth of charters and stagnant local revenue @JennaPizzi http:…

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