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@TheJaggi @Salon not needed. US is already very decentralized. Every state has it's own constitution. In fact most decentralized I know of.

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RT @AnthonyBialy: @RealJamesWoods The right to privacy is in the Constitution next to the mandate to buy insurance and separation of church…

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@haaretzcom the only way out is a constitution that will not prefer any ethnicity within a one state solution. all else will no longer work.

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RT @danapixie: pls Help @TonyTiger2000 out of the truckstop! Read: Read/links to sign PLEASE…

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@haaretzcom if #israel is not a state of the jews, go ahead, create a constitution that gives all inhabitants equal political rights.

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§ 4. The Emperor shall perform only such acts in matters of state as are provided for in this Constitution

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