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The one place in the Constitution where the noun "security" #2A appears is in direct correlation to the "Militia" #2A & a "free State" #2A


Not praying in public schools. I mean,following the Constitution. That whole separation of church and state thing. #WhatCausesWhiteRiots

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@J_theRevelator @LibertyIsALady Constitution does state how to elect Senators, so that must be allowed (though still separate-but-equal) 2/3

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Don’t Let Obama Give State Of The Union Speech, For The Constitution

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@Robert_JKitchen And the Constitution is the People's "supreme law" that declares w/ crystal clarity what is "necessary" for a "free State"


RT @BryanJFischer: Gov. Bryant should say, "I will not allow a black-robed tyrant to overturn the federal Constitution or my state constitu…

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