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@AIIAmericanGirI Go into any government office, federal,state,county or local and watch these workers waste the workday. Useless

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I wish I had 10,000+ followers for more ppl to see this: & this: #raisethewage #pleaseRT

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Woman accused of stealing from ATC co-workers' purses faces theft charge: Louisiana State Police arrested a woman…

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Thanks to the municipal & state workers who spent #thanksgiving making sure our roads & sidewalks were safe. #NorEaster #vt #btv

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No @TheLancetPsych awards for studies women #mentalillness in UK kept in a state of conflict/hostility by haranguing of #paid workers? #tut

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The Marxist Theory of the State, Workers and Capitalists, Just uploaded In Defence of Trotskyism No. 6 #ScribdDocs

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Margaret Peterson Haddix, $3.48
Who Was Rosa Parks?
Yona Zeldis McDonough, $1.52