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RT @yaboybillnye: every time i catch someone hating on stem cell research im just like damn homie are you a dollar printer cuz u dont make …

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Ingredient found in Silly Putty could help advance stem cell research via @redorbit

Twitter: @Tomorrow_Lab

RT @pandymonium01: Mike Baird: Failed Anglican minister; opposes stem cell research; homophobe & surfer pal of #Abbott ... what could POSSI…

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@MattyIceAZ They didn't exactly rush to embrace Nancy on stem cell research either.

Twitter: @fairytalejedi

why is embryonic stem cell research even a controversy

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RT @NopeNotThisTime: .@cindyprince4 @ddanzileesang Anti-marriage equality Anti-abortion Anti-stem cell research Trying to shove Creationi…

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