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RT @investorstemcel: Scientists have now directly turned human skin cells into human brain cells! Read the article here:…

Twitter: @utilitarian

There's 2 things that this government needs 2 fund: Stem Cell research & helping the mentally ill

Twitter: @thedon1557

Theoretically religion has halted the progress of medical knowledge since ever in five hundred years stem cell research will be commonplace

Twitter: @DirtRoadSinner

RT @JenaFriedman: as we discuss Ebola, it's important to note 1. anti-Ebola drug Zmapp is thanks to stem cell research 2. Americans don'…

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tcot teaparty fyi tcot teaparty fyi Wesley Smith Notes Pro-Embryonic, Anti-Adult Stem Cell Research Bias in Geron Corp. Story Cover...

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@lazlothebuzz stem cell research bro. Create good cells to fight / replace bad ones. Will work on ALS as well. Vote pro Science!

Twitter: @rbitter79