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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist FOX News Attacks Occupy Wall Street Protests

Twitter: @ReichWingWatch

Putin on his handling of protests —What happened to the Occupy Wall Street movement? It too was smothered & crushed by Western governments.

Twitter: @podnoss

Physical protests must be designed to further smear the reputation of Wall Street.

Twitter: @SeizeWallStreet

When They Protest In China They Are Freedom Activists, When They Protests VS Pillaging Wall Street They Are Discontents. #hypocritemuch

Twitter: @SIXgunBANDIDO

RT @Sentletse: Putin has been ripping the US apart at the Valdai Discussion. He says they suppressed democracy by crushing Occupy Wall Stre…

Twitter: @claylungs

.@nunyabiniss @JCregg86 @TheLastRefuge2 Indeed, time "the other side" takes a stand. Protests and rights are a two way street.

Twitter: @Fantasiaj14