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RT @sapiosanct: Church to strip club 😆"@KneWKeeD: Choi! “@iamkiyonce: When the shuffle goes from Heaven to Partition…

Twitter: @Demidamola

RT @Steff_NZ: Told Josh that I want to see Famous Flora that's on at the White House soon. All he heard was 'my wife want to take me to a s…

Twitter: @FloraFamous

RT @MatthewVehemety: Going to a strip club. I'm in a rock n' roll band, what do you expect?

Twitter: @BOTDFotaku

Strip Club Did Nothin But Have Me Wanna Run Home And Go Ham On My Girl"

Twitter: @iam_817_

Big shout out to the super stupid cocktail waitress that works in a strip club full of vampires but is blissfully unaware. #vamp

Twitter: @richardmantool

At least this could not have been the LSE rugby club..... The British Upper Middle Class works in mysterious ways ;-)

Twitter: @verbalpiercing