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@myshrks Oh no!! hopefully no surveillance cameras-wouldn't want that going viral! ☺️

Twitter: @gwendylulu

RT @SajagCricket: I recommend this door video camera to all.This door video camera is so cool and awesome.

Twitter: @soulhamm7

UFB will discourage crime as we will have more live streaming from surveillance cameras #gigatownwanaka

Twitter: @BettyCool22

when they start using high definition surveillance cameras these criminals gone be assed out .

Twitter: @MissManhattan_

@kunaldubai I would have loved to but they can't receive anything from anyone.Under surveillance cameras.But Rs.250 as bonus, unimaginable.

Twitter: @gabbarni

1.Knock out the 4 machine gun/surveillance camera installations. These cameras not only alert - #ustrikeu (SNES)

Twitter: @rom_txt