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RT @ItsJessePinkman: When your Dad drives past Taco Bell on the way home and says "There's food at home"

Twitter: @KourtneyHepburn

Taco Bell for lunch has to be one of the best decisions I've ever made

Twitter: @Natalie30303

I wonder if @Lisa_LakeTapps will bring me taco bell for lunch? 😇🙆

Twitter: @emmaswansonyo

Taco Bell's sriracha quesarito, I have to try it.

Twitter: @___sjackson

RT @SOCO_Saint: “@SosaIsMine: @SOCO_Saint be my gf 😩 and I'll show you” lol need a Taco Bell date first

Twitter: @SosaIsMine

@tacobell well im sorry taco bell but my trips there have stopped last night ): your food was knocking my head off at 3am ); i love you guys

Twitter: @Lildirtdigga