Topic: Talking Point
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Talking Point on twitter
@GoldenBullet_ man it may get to that point. Like I'm talking it be full blown staring and talking crap 😒 I'm nice but sheesh.

Twitter: @_AsiaDesiree

@Xspenceve @mattlownes jets playoff wins since 1992 6. Cincinnati zero point zero. Seriously are you still talking?

Twitter: @jdny2

RT @a_amesss: At one point my mom took the ketchup bottle and started squirting it all over the table until my dad stopped talking 😂😂😂

Twitter: @bmalcolm68

RT @BossedupJas: I'm so stubborn I'll go days without talking to the only person I wanna talk to, just to prove a point

Twitter: @DiamondPrice_

@jaythelesbian_ yeah but the person I'm talking abt we been on n off since i was 14 I'm old af now lol so u get the point

Twitter: @_obey_wavey

RT @SNGSconfess: It has come to the point where teachers are talking to canteen tables via Twitter. Welcome to St Nicks.

Twitter: @CheeErn145