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RT @ChrisLoesch: What were the "GOP talking points" you speak of? Wondering if you can point them out. @felliniquilter @AaronSeitsinger @ed…

Twitter: @tolivian

@Superior_Hazbob depends whether you wanna be liked or make money (I'm just talking generally now btw, not just about the ticket) aha

Twitter: @Nspire_Point

@AaronSeitsinger @ChrisLoesch @edshow @DLoesch I think "GOP talking point" is a liberal talking point.

Twitter: @WrightShumate

RT @LabattUSA: I have a feeling the climate difference between #buffalo and Miami will be major talking point tonight. #BUFvsMIA #TNF

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RT @huntervondrak: shoutout to @alexeyman69 for being a babe I love your hair 😍 and booty always on point. imy! we stopped talking and idk …

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RT @LeahJaneParsons: @HilaryBeaumont disagreed on that point. We are talking about a 17yr old. My 10yr old knows better

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