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Oakwood, GA: 85% of the city's tax base is comm/ind., per Stan Brown at the S Hall Bus Coal. @GrHallChamber

Twitter: @TimEvansCEcD

Bethesda listed as within the top 10 cities for college grads: Let's make us #1 and broaden the tax base.

Twitter: @Cooper4MD

The Structures that KRA wants to lay down to widen the TAX Base will force some Entrepreneurs to close down their Businesses by 2017.

Twitter: @Kvaati

True or false @Ptbo_Canada , 30% of our city's tax base comes from @downtownPtbo

Twitter: @MaryamMonsef

Don’t base your life on how your tax dollars are spent. Take charge of your own life.

Twitter: @MattMcWilliams2

.@OECD plan to tackle #Tax planning ‘may erode tax base’

Twitter: @PearseTrust