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Treasury Secretary Calls For Corporate Tax Code Overhaul

Twitter: @tracyorss

Anyone else noticing a trend here kids? We have Soc Security, immigration, fed tax code, educ, fed judiciary, secret service need overhaul.

Twitter: @repps86

.@RepBecerra Assume 4 a moment that congressmen r honorable. Citizens r not well served by voluminous tax code.

Twitter: @seth37eee

A 34-Nation Survey Confirms That The U.S. Tax Code Is Highly Uncompetitive

Twitter: @doncoombs

@TeekeeMon BTW, U also know you'd have less boat money by living under California tax code. #Fact

Twitter: @gopthinking

With the tax code rise since 2010 that has been reversed as you are not paying the tax from them to give it back.

Twitter: @Rich__I