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@PMOIndia @arunjaitley Current Income Tax is the root cause of black money.Replace it with a simple to comply and understand direct tax code

Twitter: @CAbmbhojak

@PaulHsieh @instapundit @politico Suspend IRS for 3 yrs pending investigations. Temp. replace tax code with flat tax for 3 yrs. Observe.

Twitter: @patrickjensen

RT @bamboozled3: @snerdish @unanoble Austerity is rightwing ideological code for privatise everything, tax breaks for rich & tax the silly …

Twitter: @popi6666

Dear #IRD, please stop asking my employer to change my tax code. I don't need to pay fucking secondary tax.

Twitter: @spraynwalkaway

Tax Code 179 back to $500,000 for year only!!!

Twitter: @venus_todd

RT @twinpaulie: America desperately needs a New Tax Code New Civil Rights Act New Campaign Financing Law New Congress Of, By & For the Peop…

Twitter: @geoatlantis

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