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Tax Credit on twitter
RT @bbcnickrobinson: How did Osborne do it? Simple. Better than expected forecasts + tax rises gave Govt cash to spend on tax credit U turn…

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RT @nobullyingteach: So your embarrassing tax credit defeat is really a great success is it, Gideon?

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RT @BlackhallRob: Forcing this man into a u-turn on tax credit cuts is just one of the reasons #WeStandWithCorbyn

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tax credit victory but George Osborne hasn't abandoned his war on the poor

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RT @mrmarksteel: Oo he's cancelled tax credit cuts. I trust he thanked Corbyn accordingly for putting him right, and apologised with suitab…

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@ToniGiugliano Agree. Though they did buck recent trend to put enough pressure (with SNP, LD and even some Con) to reverse tax credit cuts.

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