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IRS reports millions of dollars in #fraud filed for 2014 #tax season:

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RT @jefe_viejo: Harry Reid using tax dollars to fight Koch brothers, La. GOP chair charges

Twitter: @Staas1

How #Fresno City Hall gets things done, behind your back with your tax dollars in support of #sprawl.

Twitter: @CameronMoors1

RT @BAYAN_USA: US tax dollars should be directed towards resolving worsening domestic economic crisis, not for wars abroad! #USoutofAsPac #…

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RT @Norm_Farrell: Last #RCMP commish is living all expenses paid in $8,000-a-month Manhattan apartment, courtesy of our tax dollars. #cdnpo…

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IRS employees who don't pay their taxes get rewarded with our tax dollars as bonuses: It's scary what goes on there.

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