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.@SenLandrieu Louisiana, besides her misuse of YOUR tax dollars -Mary stands for #abortion w/o limits, #amnesty & voted for #Obamacare

Twitter: @MeganSmiles

Time to get in my daily morning nap. Your tax dollars at work everyone

Twitter: @BillyStamato

RT @YannickGJ: Woke up feeling like 2million dollars. After tax!! Lol #mondayfunday #NotSkippingMondayToday

Twitter: @ZeeZeeDaCreator

In Duty Free, you only use dollars, because it's a Tax-free store.

Twitter: @Daydreamer3443

Cloud providers should copy Nat'l Science Foundations efforts to enable experimentation w/ cloud architectures, apps.

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RT @The_Staffz: @Mikeylovesugar @GuelphLibrary your hard earned tax dollars providing excellent return... @Karen4Guelph

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