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This is what our tax dollars pay for via @9GAG

Twitter: @yazminimizeit

@NorthmanTrader Not to worry. The security theater apparatus now has a new way to reactively spend our tax dollars.

Twitter: @HedgeNY

4 of Chicago's finest on bikes riding in a wobbly pack and stopping traffic. My tax dollars at work!

Twitter: @AalippHmedan

WTF seriously this is what wastes our tax dollars... Can I pay $200 to have stupid ignorant people shot :? SMH!

Twitter: @BarbaraLee12

RT @Bipartisanism: If you don't want your tax dollars to help the poor, stop saying you believe in 'Christian values.' #YouCruzYouLose http…

Twitter: @christyc1215

RT @BostonGlobe: The Afghan president thanked Congress for billions of American tax dollars and vowed that his country will become self-rel…

Twitter: @stephan617

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