Topic: Tax Hikes
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Tax Hikes on twitter
@morningmoneyben it's not! it shows what happens when you're serious about growth (09-10 stimulus) & fiscal (13 tax hikes/spending cuts)

Twitter: @MikeGrunwald

RT @michaelterry337: Michigan’s GOP Gov. Slashes Corporate Tax Rate by 86 Percent, Hikes Taxes for Working Poor #GOPGovsGottaGo #UniteBlue

Twitter: @DLTrunnell

Expect Tax Hikes to Fund #Obamacare #aca #pjnet

Twitter: @PeterMAbraham

@604commuter red herring. 2 developer parties flooding city w/ condos. No room for roads unless you want massive tax hikes or @MikeSoron

Twitter: @pqpolitics

#California Hikes Film Tax Credit Program From $100M to $330M #economicdevelopment

Twitter: @economicdevhq

2300 Illegal Alien ‘Children’ Sent to Nassau and Suffolk Counties I SMELL BIG PROPERTY TAX HIKES COMING FOR @adoxen !

Twitter: @DividendMaster