Topic: Tax Hikes
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Tax Hikes on twitter
@morgenr Love the discussion of massive tax hikes too.

Twitter: @kerpen

@GrayConnolly @Steverocks35 @Chicago6611 Don't panic. Many bad ideas do not violate the pledge. ONly the overall tax hikes do so.

Twitter: @GroverNorquist

#Obamacare Top Five Worst Tax Hikes on Women and Families #aca #pjnet

Twitter: @PeterMAbraham

@Steverocks35 stopping tax hikes. The pledge stopped Obama's 1.4 trillion dollar tax hike in 2011. Not bad. I wish I worked on commission.

Twitter: @GroverNorquist

RT @tankthegastax: Help us send a message to the pigs on Beacon Hill this November. Vote Yes on 1 and repeal automatic gas tax hikes! http:…

Twitter: @cathiran

@Ed_Miliband #Miliband PM for public question time? Only if we can question op leader too. 2nd query. Middle class tax hikes? Yes or No?

Twitter: @artisannes