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@robin182zz It's what happens when the sun isn't shining on Kansas's revenue coffers. What next, a repeal of his fat cat tax boondoggle?

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Japan projects to spend 43% of tax revenue just to pay interest on the debt - projects to spend 43% of tax r...

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Japan Now Spends 43% Of Tax Revenue To Fund Interest On Debt .. good thing "deficits don't matter" @majorityfm keeeeeeeeep printin'

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In aftermath of the #GreatRecession—and fewer municipal tax receipts—#police use fines, fees and #CivilForfeiture…

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RT @sheeraf: Israel is currently withholding nearly $450 million in tax revenue from Palestinians, as punishment for PA decision to go to I…

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RT @Fitzsimon: Imagine how much we'd could invest in schools & communities if McCrory kept committment to make 2013 tax reform revenue neut…

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