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RT @CeeCeeMcNulty: @mallofamerica maybe you shouldn't have taken taxpayer money if you wanted to hold on to your 'private property' stance.…

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RT @pwellingtonmp: Expert says LNP’s bankrolling Galilee Basin rail link “pissing taxpayer’ money up against wall” #qldpol…

Twitter: @FryGerard

I like how the Mayor straight up admitted to embezzling taxpayer money in front of everyone. #HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas

Twitter: @MrAdamHolmes

@Dbright21 @BilldeBlasio @BradLuckNBC yeah & his slut wife spending taxpayer money on 3 aides totaling around 600K

Twitter: @sarahdinahetta

All Labors media team have is vial personal insults; What a waste of taxpayer money @abcnews24 #abcnews24 #Melbourne #vicpol #springst

Twitter: @Gillardisafraud

RT @Fingersflying: #CCOT Obama Wants to Ban Guns to Save Kids and Fund Planned Parenthood with Taxpayer Money to KILL KIDS - I Say We Shoul…

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