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Another day, yet another Wendy Davis conflict of interest discovered. Funneling taxpayer money to her father's company? Brazen.

Twitter: @WendyDavisTruth

The best thing for the @BBC would be for it to privatised so it can have some new investment and improve,while saving money for the taxpayer

Twitter: @Sam_Wylde

Tuscon: GOP attempts to disenfranchise voters aren't only unjust & inefficient, they're wasting taxpayer money too.

Twitter: @whitakerb2

Auditor: $7.6bn of US taxpayer money has failed to stem Afghan poppy cultivation. Now 'at a record high' @SIGARHQ

Twitter: @chrisjwoods

@TheJanSimpson @AlphaMammal They've raised taxes in the city, ran away jobs, allowed drug houses & stole taxpayer money...we voted them in.

Twitter: @TrTorrie

.@Bankofisland Which means huge payoffs, hiring other people & costing the taxpayer even MORE money without fixing a single leak

Twitter: @amcgowan1970