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And you people are shocked Ebola made its way to the United States? Maybe now we will use the taxpayer money towards a cure.

Twitter: @JordanTramposh

I do not think there is a politician in the GTA who is less transparent than John Taylor. Nobody should trust this man with taxpayer money.

Twitter: @darrylwolk

RT @camharris_us: For someone who complains so much about "outside $", it seems Kay Hagan sure redirected a lot of taxpayer money to her fa…

Twitter: @MarieA51494842

RT @Castro4Congress: .@GregAbbott_TX completely ignores question about millions of dollars he received from corporations that took taxpayer…

Twitter: @JayceeHobbs

We're not surprised at ALL➡Thanks for trying to ruin the #USA & spend hard working taxpayer money #ObamaIsWorthless

Twitter: @alilovestexas

RT @daynutrition: Obamacare insurance navigator with history of massive FRAUD gets even more taxpayer money! via @s…

Twitter: @RedStrapperMX