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Uhuru says, #Referendum is a waste of taxpayers money. On the other hand, his gov't is willing to spend 12BILLION...

Twitter: @Pauloctopus2

Telsa Motors is getting into the game of getting taxpayers money for "economic development"

Twitter: @Nathaniel1983

If you're willing to buy aratilis for the price of cherry, FINE! As long as it's your money, not the taxpayers'. #WorldClassMakatiBuilding

Twitter: @hindurupot

We deserve a better government, better officials, better and safer modes of transportation, better use of taxpayers money.

Twitter: @kayemacaisa

RT @liarpoliticians: David Cameron says the UK gives [NON EU] Ukraine British taxpayers money "in support" and aid too. Support a coup lead…

Twitter: @necespanya

How the #Islamophobia industry works. Council Taxpayers have their money handed to activist organisations for this:

Twitter: @IslamophobiaInd