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Television Ads on twitter
Cutler pulls some television ads – WCSH: Cutler pulls some television ads Article source…

Twitter: @EntertainNutz

According to ALL the ads I'm seeing on television there are NO qualified candidates running for anything this election.

Twitter: @CookinPDX

My 9yo son thinks that Tomcat's "Dead Mouse Theater" is the funniest thing in the history of television.

Twitter: @jasonwoodmansee

The $400 Million question, how effective are television ads, really? Do they change minds? Do they decide votes? #p2

Twitter: @whatsamatta_u

Lot of shameless political ads on television right now, but this “pro-life” group might take the cake

Twitter: @ATLGreg1

Content providers will use profiling for television ads based on viewer’s browsing/viewing habits to market products #gigatowndun

Twitter: @yahroo