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80% of television programming I've seen gives me a headache

Twitter: @Mykedamnchild

U.S. National Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) revealed that 15 branded products appear in every half hour of television programming.

Twitter: @wickedfactz

@AnyWayDoeSmh hands down my favorite on reg. television programming. I don't like tv but I LOVE BB.

Twitter: @ruBixCuBedHeart

Husby watched the entire Kardashian episode so I now have zero say for the rest of the evenings television programming 🙇

Twitter: @KellyLately_

the Kirk Television show will resume its regular monday night programming next week....thnkxx for watching....

Twitter: @TechnoAvatar

@newfoundmass Are you doubting Pat Buck's knowledge of producing programming for national television?

Twitter: @wordsbig80s