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@EasternViolet we have the same problem. No term limits. Sucks :(

Twitter: @csjensen68

@csjensen68 we're all hoping that harpers days are numbered. I wish we had term limits here. We've had him 8+ yrs

Twitter: @EasternViolet

RT @truckerbooman: #KYsen : #PJNET ****************** why we need #Term #Limits*************** @MattBevin

Twitter: @FlowersCalvin

RT @otherMacGuffin: If I ever run for public office it will be on the platform for having term limits for both Senators and TV show.

Twitter: @ChiefRVB

@SenatorReid thanks Harry your land scam in Nevada for a solar farm :) your a prime example for the need of Term Limits

Twitter: @moose_taz

@Angel__Kitty @nofanofgordon @USMCSOCret That will come after he does away with term limits and seizes dictatorship control.

Twitter: @Trial_Watcher1