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I just want my test results so I can fix this and feel better.

Twitter: @MikailahRaex

@Croom_12 I know they're not Haley.😒I'm saying that she has me worried about my results for a drug test and I'm a good kid.

Twitter: @laurendukee

RT @Abby_Collyer: I hope the results of tomorrow's test serve as proof for all teachers that students can not effectively teach themselves …

Twitter: @kacey_wal

The 2014 doll test yields the same results because kids cartoons feat. Blond white girls as stars. Duh. Change THAT.

Twitter: @AfroPower1

@katiee_mchale "I listened to your crazy 🎶 this morning & I scored a 95 on my exam." FACT: listening to EDM results in higher test scores 😂👍

Twitter: @Emina_Pasic

@LostAnaGirl do you know when you will get test results back?

Twitter: @skinandboneplz

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