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Test Scores on twitter
RT @brycebunton: GPA AND TEST SCORES are "WORTHLESS" says Google and major employers! Wanted: Creative problem solvers…

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Grew up hearing "standardised test scores don't mean anything, you're unique, tests miss so much" but they were the ONLY THING I WAS GOOD AT

Twitter: @Tomaksbaks

I got a 2 on my AP Gov test. I've gotten perfect scores on 2/3 of my tests this semester and 3/4 papers.Tell me I didn't deserve credit.

Twitter: @muchlovenatalie

U.S. millennials post ‘abysmal’ scores in tech skills test, lag behind foreign peers

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RT @AndersonGL: If required to do standardized test prep with students, an important part of your lesson needs to be "You are much more tha…

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Study high Take the test high Get high scores

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