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I got my private text messages afterall. Feel better bout that. Wall should smooth out for good

Twitter: @Luke_D_Vader

RT @StTi92: Fidel Martínez When You Locked Up But Her Mouth Ain't

Twitter: @Alisa_maliwka

RT @ImThatGentleman: Unexpected text messages are always nice. The fact that the person took a little bit of their time to make you smile.

Twitter: @NBalarin

RT @iTittaySlappdYa: Pretty sure my phone is retarded I think it just resent text messages to people

Twitter: @21thriller

RT @Partyprobs: Sorry about the text messages last night, my phone was drunk

Twitter: @maddzO19

RT @YaGirlMaddi: You claim that they are like a brother/sister to you, but your text messages say something different☕️🐸

Twitter: @CiaraPleake

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