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Text Messages on twitter
Hey so yeah I'm gonna be in canada for a week and have limited text messages so if ya need me message me on here cuz wifi is a god

Twitter: @glitter_brows

RT @digitafire: OMG use this site to read ALL your BF's text messages. I caught MINE CHEATING😡. Try it Here ⇨ http:/…

Twitter: @NiceAssYogas

Text messages will never take the place of handwritten love letters.

Twitter: @selihacavide780

i hate when people act like their text messages are broke 😐

Twitter: @shereiqns

RT @StillerCj: iPhone need to make text messages disappear after you read/send them like snapchat 😂😂

Twitter: @_millsss

@1DNJustinB you left me 16 text messages. if you dont GET

Twitter: @bieberhails

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