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We're offering buy one get one free tickets to our fans and being criticised by others fans who complain about ticket prices

Twitter: @mcfcwill

@OzilAssist So, for example, if it were tied to inflation: EU inflation is 5%, so ticket prices can only go up by less than 4%. So,

Twitter: @MessiMinutes

@MessiMinutes but doesn't varying ticket prices make it harder to make an equal cut? Or are you saying percentage wise. I'm with you btw!!!

Twitter: @OzilAssist

@OzilAssist No, because we're talking in proportions (either cutting or slowing growth of ticket prices proportionally with other clubs)

Twitter: @MessiMinutes

@Thommy373 I assume that the success of the jets is inversely related to ticket/beer prices right?

Twitter: @anpro

Check out @MessiSeconds video on ticket prices, interesting video!

Twitter: @Elitexvenomz