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@ultra Stop increasing ticket prices!!!

Twitter: @Durosai

I like how @WestJet is saving me money by charging baggage fees. Sounds like a PR statement. I haven't seen any drop in ticket prices.

Twitter: @drjkoo

#MCFC RT @ZabaDabbaDoo: the ticket prices this year are ridiculous, am having to see 3 less games this year for the same cost as last year

Twitter: @jackrathborn

@Ian_Ladyman_DM Millionaire footballers moaning about fans who dont attend a game, who are already being ripped off by ticket prices, #logic

Twitter: @Oldskoolawayday

RT @LastChapter14: Good evening, people of the Internet, here are the updated ticket prices: Early Bird - RM120 Normal Price - RM140 Outsi…

Twitter: @chunk1t

@jonnyhull7 @TomBoxingAsylum @EddieHearn some of the ticket prices recently have been ridiculous.

Twitter: @HotdogofLondon