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Still culturally superior to the Americans who renamed themselves Sunshine Megatron, War Machine, & Trout Fishing in America @kbairokeeffe.

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@carrwolfr We are all good Wolf. Took 7 kids and in-laws to Oklahoma last weekend, canoeing, hiking, trout fishing.

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Secrets From The Trout Fishing Pros: 70% Commission For You! Here Is A Complete Guide To Successful Trout Fishing,…

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3 cool #FlyFishing #iPhone wallpapers #Trout #TroutBum 228

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3 cool #FlyFishing #iPhone wallpapers #Trout #TroutBum 228

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RT @gracehelbig: I just transferred bodies with a tiny trout. this is my time to shine. SHINE LIKE THE SUN, TROUT IN THE SUN YAH! sun fishi…

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