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RT @drunknerdpro: I'm not so much a "trust fund" baby as a "hope fund" one. I hope I have enough funds to buy all his wine.

Twitter: @imfuckedanyways

Man every single one of my nieces and nephews got trust funds behind me....I refuse for it to be a repeat

Twitter: @tre_thugga

#Shankaracharya demands probe into Shirdi trust funds Watch special show 'Sai & Shankaracharya' @7:30PM on @LIVEINDIA


Tennessee Prison for Women employee accused of taking money from prisoners’ trust funds, audit says...

Twitter: @PrisonReformMvt

@malla_91 I really want to make a joke about taxation of Trust funds but after my hell week of tests I don't think I have it in me 😂

Twitter: @ShreeYea

RT @DKC_PR: #AmarulaTrust funds Ecoexist project to reduce human/elephant conflict in Botswana. @amarula: http://t.c…

Twitter: @AmandaStronza

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