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#2: Turkey Decoy Replacement Stake Avian X Zink Hunting Calls Turkey Decoy Replacement ...

Twitter: @clara8732

Turkey enchiladas n Spanish rice...

Twitter: @Alysha__xoxo

SCANDAL: NATO assignment #Poland to train 'Right Sector" - analogy #Turkey role in #Syria! @RT_com @SPIEGEL_English

Twitter: @EMAdair225

RT @MertWarson: @Letterman Old faves we'd like to see: Will It Float, Old Turkey Buzzard, as much Rupert Gee as possible. #Dave

Twitter: @Daalilama

I purposely annoy 60+ year old black ppl with the hopes they call me 'jive turkey'.

Twitter: @Despicable_Ang

armenians on fb be like turkey you failed to kill us bla bla — Smh

Twitter: @ILikeBigBootays