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RT @KristinGxrcia: I don't eat turkey, therefore the Christmas tree can be put up prior to thanksgiving

Twitter: @CherylEstoria

RT @ribguy: Make a thin gravy that penetrates the #turkey not a thick one that sits on top of the meat. Here's how

Twitter: @PackanackBBQ

Watch this interview with 1995 Turkey Night Grand Prix winner Billy Boat. The young man he is holding is racing...

Twitter: @perrisautospdwy

I cooked the turkey #getlikeme #canttouchthis #salmonella #bettycrocker #southernliving @ I'm domestic

Twitter: @HannahFrazierr

I got my Turkey !

Twitter: @sallystoli

I'm doing the whip at the Turkey Bowl lol

Twitter: @L_G_3_