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RT @theNCI: Cancer doesn't stop at national borders: U.S. researchers working to control cancer globally

Twitter: @withspin

@WhiteHouse Here's a fact: If you had restricted travel from West Africa Ebola would not be in the U.S! Close the borders!

Twitter: @meowpuppy

@kimmyk03 Obama the Community organizer plans to change the face of our U.S. community through amnesty & open borders 4 a Democrat majority.

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@PTIforlife@asadkharal it means wht India doing on Pak borders is in u/s wth govt just to save NZ & divert public attention from PTI

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RT @pamnsc: #Ebola:PRESSER: MSF (doctors without borders) Staff Member in U.S. Hospital OMITS BOWLING,SUBWAY, CAB,A…

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.@BBCBreaking We sure are! Wide Open U.S. Borders too! #Ebola

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