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@DubbleDhee @FrankieRusso1 @marklevinshow Sequitur OR consequence of #Obama's executive orders black American unemployment HIGH.

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I bet if there was a draft and everyone who was on unemployment had to go to war 75% of those people would miraculously find jobs.

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Seen sooo many articles abt youth unemployment being Africa's 'ticking time bomb' The bomb exploded long back. Pls.

Twitter: @samirasawlani

@BeTripp only u leftists think 5 years of high unemployment, lowest labor participation, & record SNAP users, needs higher taxes

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Associate Director of Sales - Zero unemployment is our goal... please Share this job post. Together, we CAN get...

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Comcast: Comcast is using overseas people to deal with you when you call about billing. What is the unemployment ra -

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