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RT @fredwimpy: Black Unemployment is more than double the National average. #ThankObama #SecureTheBorder #FergusonOctober #tcot

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EUA: Jobs summit skirts the issue of youth unemployment #politics #policy #strategy

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Gee it only took BO 1.5 years to bring down unemployment? What about the other 4.5 years above that? @vanillamilk111 @The13th_Ghost

Twitter: @TheFreedomFan

Searching for the Good Life in the Bakken Oil Fields - The Atlantic >the faces of 2% unemployment

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I wouldn't wish unemployment on anyone. Just a few weeks of home stay is killing me, can't imagine this being a full time thing

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RT @DanJoelTan: Our economy is built on cheap foreign labour. Problem lies in jobs mismatch, not unemployment in general YB @rafiziramli @M…

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