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STUDY: Voter Fraud Could Impact Over 1,000,000 Votes

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If you are a President through voter fraud, Are you really even a President?….Write a one page essay voicing your opinion….due on Monday.

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Yup. Always been proof of ID reqs. Voting shld be easy. Why change it? No voter fraud. It's voter suppression @BadExampleMan @oursgrizzly

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RT @PeterMAbraham: 77 Examples Of Voter Fraud Registered To Same Phony Address in North Carolina

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Voter Fraud 101 -- Obama pushes new agenda maximizing voter fraud at polls #PJNET #CCOT

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RT @JohnFromCranber: It's Incumbent on All Democracies To Ensure Elections Are Legitimate. Voter ID is Necessary to Ensure That There is No…

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