Topic: Voter Turnout
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Voter Turnout on twitter
@ToddJackon3699 I voter turnout is low in CT. So, the people in New Haven and Hartford and other inner city towns vote dem and push it over

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RT @Newsmax_Media: Michelle Obama to Democrats: Get Hungry for Midterms

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@Jennicuti big voter turnout in 2014 will reverse the tide #Maddow

Twitter: @stphil

@allinwithchris @BenJealous I agree. Voter turnout is key to victory in should be a continuous year round effort for the dems.

Twitter: @colbarroosevelt

@la_twats @TheMelkman53 Please please please just vote! Decide later but vote. We are all in this leaky boat because of a low voter turnout.

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Government Accountability Board director predicts 15 pct. voter turnout for August primary:

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