Topic: War Crimes
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War Crimes on twitter
The #PA has nothing to lose by ratifying the Rome Statute. So why don't they? #ICC4Israel #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine

Twitter: @intlfunk

3weeks of war crimes on innocent children #Gazaunderattack #FreePalestine

Twitter: @safz_b

When are Barak Obama and David Cameron going to condemn the Israeli Government for war crimes .

Twitter: @Shiraz735

RT @SassiSissy: You CAN'T you stupid prick.'ve already been tried and convicted of war crimes all around the world…

Twitter: @cam294cam

RT @BeaumontBee: @red13charlie @fudbunter Sign & RT: Expel Israeli Ambassador for war crimes #GazaUnderAttack

Twitter: @giacasta85

RT @IDFsoldiergirl: @Shaheeda_AM @pcarn65 Israel would be but we do not commit war crimes

Twitter: @pcarn65