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Officially time to hit the hay. I just tried to plug my water bottle in instead of my phone.. #latenights #college #hittinthebooks ✌️😴

Twitter: @berrr44

@Ace_PrinceAkeem a bottle of water cost 1.25

Twitter: @Kaprii_Sunn

Forgot my water bottle at my moms😅 and my function is Thursday

Twitter: @Izzac_Diaz

RT @nuneo89: when JB spin the windmill (?) while,,, youngjae enjoying himself drinking a bottle of water XD #2jae

Twitter: @NoDaijobu

a bottle of water and squats before bed is never regretted

Twitter: @HighChild

RT @camrregui: I couldn't take a selfie so I took a pic with a water bottle instead

Twitter: @rhea_xcx