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RT @BiebersPerfect: Can we just talk about the fact that I have Zayn Malik's water bottle and I drank out of it if I get sick I will kms

Twitter: @ziallerfluff

Dear @thenia - that 'singer' chap on stage has got a BOTTLE of water. Shouldn't he have decanted it into a plastic cup by now?!?!

Twitter: @Deevski

Lol my drivers ed teacher just sprayed water on someone cuz her water bottle is broken 😂😂

Twitter: @sammullen24

Avengers assemble, big fat blt and my hot water bottle. Feel sorry for self night

Twitter: @EsmePainter

tfw ur so thirsty u drink a whole water bottle in under a minute

Twitter: @beyrandon

RT @NHLonNBCSports: We hope that the goalie wasn't thirsty.

Twitter: @DNAD23