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Niggas coming crazy on these deliveries today ...something gotta be in South Orange water

Twitter: @tertiarytheory

Disaster relief water deliveries going to homes in the Central Valley, California. Wow.

Twitter: @eatyerbroccoli

Big family bbq on Saturday. Deliveries not turning up, all house water turned yellow and now email's not working. *scream*

Twitter: @YvonneCan

Truck driving / operating: looking for someone to drive bin truck, water truck, make deliveries, and occasiona...

Twitter: @ProRoadKing

RT @censorednewsnow: RT #FluorideWaterFilters: #BestSuppliers The Big Berkey Water Filter #USA #Ad =XMAS Pressies De…

Twitter: @Sferious

Central CA residents relying on water deliveries as wells run out in #drought: via @latimes @VeronicaRochaLA

Twitter: @UCLAIoES