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Dad is trying to fix the hot water heater..this is like an episode of the Cosby show 😂😅

Twitter: @katemcwherter

Hot water heater not working..check! leaking garbage disposal..check! Family drama..check! Work stress..check! Health issues..check! 😕

Twitter: @HardCoreLore

RT @NoritzAmerica: Why should you go #tankless? This infographic details all the benefits of a tankless vs. tank water heater:…

Twitter: @schoeffplumb

you may have noticed no blog post from me today. Nothing is wrong, had an inspection of our water heater today and no time.

Twitter: @BethieTheBoo

Download our free eGuide: Water Heaters 101 to get all the need-to-know info on your water heater:

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Federally mandated #WaterHeater changes go into effect April 16, 2015. Learn more on our blog: #NAECA

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