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Yesterday at work this chick walked off the line saying, "I'm so thirsty, I'm famished, I really need to get some water." ✋😑😂

Twitter: @hellooKATIE_

not only is this one of the coolest things i've ever heard but the line "my eyes began to water not out of fear but just out of wonder"

Twitter: @josh_grizlyberk

You know what's cool? When you're talking on the phone and suddenly you hear heavy breathing and bubbling water and then the line goes dead.

Twitter: @Imagesdisturb

"@NWHeron4: Stuck in slo line the bachelorstuck in slo line the bachelor" should have hada bottle of @earth2o water!

Twitter: @OregonMikeP

Thanks person who tossed my water bottles I left by a sink while I had to potty! 35 mins later in concessions line, I have another.

Twitter: @drmrstheawesome

Cant wait to be chilling down by my lake with a line in the water an no worries at all 🎣

Twitter: @joey_sanz