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@DavidSchill2 looks like you better figure out a direct water line to the k-cup machine! It's going to be busy!!

Twitter: @Shawridgefarm

Love life.. The main water line going to our apartment building burst. Yay no water!

Twitter: @gabsvon

@BoaHancocc *He runs with her as they go near the water but Luffy stops remembering of his Devil fruit powers as he gets to the shore line*

Twitter: @Hat_of_Straw

RT @LovaLoveTime: Lasebo 865 water resist , only 205rb , to order sms 085770007000 line: lovalovetime

Twitter: @adi_balbod

Why does "soap in the water line" mean they have to change the plane, @USAirways ? Can't they just flush some water through?

Twitter: @JeffGreatorex

@1blackwolfrd @Helio_Spherical Could have been, fancy England moving that water line back where it should be

Twitter: @Graeme_H